Goldie Canteen

Served to a Tea - Come & Enjoy a Brew at Goldie's Melbourne Central


Hundreds of years in the making, perfected to a Tea

All tea served at Goldie are organic and gourmet and are supplied by Larsen & Thompson. Of the teas on offer, we serve a variety of teas including green, black & herbal/floral teas.

What is the trick to making a good tea?


Making tea in of itself is a pretty basic process, however to get it just right, it needs patience and a touch of skill. Using only tea leaves, water and a teapot, the process of a great tea comes with practice.

Each kind of tea requires a different brewing time, varying from tea-to-tea. As a rule of thumb, we need one to three minutes for white and green tea and four to five minutes for black tea and herbal tea.

Please speak to our friendly staff to determine your specific brewing time.

It is also important to understand ideal temperature for each tea to get the most flavour out of it. Green and white tea need to be serve at a temperature of 80-85 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius for the black tea.

To achieve 85 degrees, here is a Golden tip: Pour 75% of boiling water and 25% of cold water, the cold water will make the temperature drop down.

The brewing procedure is the following:

  • Fill the teapot with water at the good temperature

  • Place all the tea leave in the bag in the infuser

  • Place the infuser on the teapot and let it brew

  • Take out the infuser and serve

How to serve tea?

Here at Goldie, we serve tea on a wooden tray with the brown/black teapot and the small black/brown cup.

Sit back, relax, watch your timer and enjoy!