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Goldie's Celebrating International Donut Day! Join Us On June 7!

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Go Nuts for Goldie Donuts


During the month of June, Goldie is celebrating International Donut day, which launches officially on Friday the 7th of June. Throughout the month, Goldie will goes all out and will promote its full range of donuts to ensure that you are drooling with anticipation for the new range of donuts.

Here at Goldie Canteen, we have a variety of flavours to tickle every fancy! We have every sort of donut, both sweet and savoury to wow the senses!


Goldie’s Pride and Strawberry Daiquiri Donuts!

During the month of June, Goldie is also celebrating Pride Month, and is launching two new flavours.

Goldie’s Pride- caramel and malt flavoured topping, with multi-coloured golden Gaytime crunchy honeycomb biscuits, filled with the colours of the rainbow. Celebrating all things PRIDE in the month of June.

Strawberry Daiquiri - strawberries and cream flavoured topping spiked with white rum, topped with dehydrated and fresh strawberries with a decedent strawberry burst filling.

As well as these delicacies, Goldie has an abundance of donuts, prepared fresh daily just for you (so try them all!).



The Goldie savoury Doughnuts are an oriental inspired and resemble a shape not commonly linked with the tradition round doughnut – these are then fused with some wacky but tasty fillings

Avocado Smash
AKA The Bank Breaker!

Perfectly made with smashed avocado, whipped feta, avocado puree, and togaroshi. A touch of spice on top comes from the chilli in the togaroshi (a kind of 7 spice from Japan), to bring the avocado to life. Smoothed off with the whipped feta to round it out.

Cheese and Bacon Burger Crispy bacon, pickled gherkin, burger cheese, kewpie mayonnaise. A fun play on the unmistakable flavours of a cheeseburger (but without the burger)

Porky Pie
Grilled Chinese sausage, pork floss, with Kewpie mayonnaise is blended together to make a delectable savoury donut, topped with lightly roasted sesame seeds. Porky Pie is a little twist on some authentic Chinese flavours in a Japanese fried donut.



European in shape, these doughnuts have a balance of sweet and salty for the perfect all round taste

Thai Tea
The Thai Tea donut was derived from one of our favourite bubble teas, where we take the Thai tea and cross breed it with an anglaise creating a thick coating version of the original. It is then garnished with malt chocolate biscuit and freeze dried raspberries.

A favourite with pandan infused coconut cream topping, and mixed with a sweet herbaceous flavour, garnished with a caramelised crunchy cornflakes.

Best Seller - with 58% callebaut chocolate ganache, finished with milo straight from the tin and house made Meringue, this is always a crowd favourite and a modern Australian classic.

Starting with coconut flavoured anglaise and garnished with roasted almonds and freeze-dried raspberry, it is a real treat for the palate.

Stocks are limited, so come on in daily during the month of June and donut miss out!