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Goldie's Keep Cup - Melbourne Central Restaurants Doing Their Bit

Do your bit for the environment and pick up a keep cup from our Melbourne Central restaurant for just $30 - which includes 10 free coffees!





As we all know, Australians are coffee-lovers. Everyone loves having their hot brew, especially in the morning during the commute to work. Coffee is always there when you need it the most and you can take it wherever you go.

The downside to our addiction is how we negatively impact the planet when we use disposable cups to take our beloved coffee everywhere. Most disposable coffee cups are lined with polyethylene or other plastics which do not break down - which is great to keep the golden goodness contained in the cup, but not good for the environment!

Australia uses over 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year - that is approximately 2.700.000 paper coffee cups a day! It is estimated that up to 90% of these disposable cups end up in landfill.


Don’t have a Goldie Keep Cup?

No worries, bring in your own and get $1 off your warm beverage!

Here at Goldie we know how much our customers love coffee, so to do our bit to help the environment by reducing the number of disposable cups going to landfill we are encouraging our customers to bring in their own keep cup! Not only will the environment thank them, but we will also give $1 off their warm beverage. Visiting Melbourne or are a lifelong Melburnian? Come say hi at our Melbourne Central restaurant, bring your keep cup and enjoy ST. Ali barista coffee at #goldie.

Don’t have a keep cup? No worries, Goldie has you covered with the “Goldie Keep Cups” available for $30.00 including 10 free coffees, just for you. Available while stocks last.

Want to know more about the coffee you purchased from Goldie? Melbourne locals ST. Ali pride themselves on the perfect brew, visit their website for more information.