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Dirty Chai - Deliciously Dirty

Caffeine – Black Gold – the life giver; the nectar of the God’s!



Caffeine – Black Gold – the life giver -the nectar of the God’s!


For a large majority of people, coffee is pivotal to wake up and have a productive day. In fact, most people cannot function in the morning without their caffeine fix. A select few unfortunately cannot handle their coffee-hit in the morning, and need to blend it with something sweeter.

Welcoming…the dirty chai.  The dirty chai is the fusion of chai spices and an espresso. It is a bittersweet, soothing popular drink known for its exotic aromatic scent and appealing flavour with a Chinese or Indian decent.

Just like regular coffee, dirty chai contain a single shot of espresso and steamed milk mixed into a ‘chai tea’ (or masala chai). At Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse, there are various popular variations on ‘usual’ dirty chai coffee’s including lattes, flat whites and all other coffee stylings. As well as this, a dirty chai with other milk options including vegan/dairy free alternatives such as soy dirty chai (made with soy milk) and almond dirty chai (made with almond milk).

To make a dirty chai latte is very simple, simply add a shot or two of espresso (if you want to make it strong) into a cup, then stir it well with 1 or 2 teaspoons of chai powder, then top it off with warm, silky milk and serve with cinnamon powder on top.